Licensing Policy and Cumulative Impact Assessment Consultation

Licensing Policy and Cumulative Impact Assessment Consultation

You can find the revisions to the Statement of Licensing Policy, the subject of this consultation, by clicking here.
The full report on the Cumulative Impact Assessment research and its findings can be found here

Introduction and Consultation Purpose 
As a Licensing Authority, Westminster City Council has a duty to promote the Licensing Objectives: prevention of crime and disorder, public safety, prevention of public nuisance and the protection of children from harm. The Licensing Authority is required to detail in the Statement of Licensing Policy (SLP) how it will undertake its duties under the Act. This policy must be reviewed every five years, and the current policy period is due to end on the 6th January 2021.

The Licensing Authority must also produce a Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA) if it has areas of the City that may be under cumulative stress from the concentration of licensed premises and their combined impact on licensing objectives. The Licensing Authority has produced a CIA which provides the evidence base to support the SLP and the Cumulative Impact Policy.

We have had to consider the effects of COVID-19 on our policy approach, as it has changed the way venues are operating and the number of people utilising them. As such, we decided that expanding the current Cumulative Impact Area and implementing further restrictions on other premises' uses within this area would not be appropriate, and we believe that this approach will be in accordance with our duty to promote the licensing objectives.  

In addition to this, there are also proposals to revise the SLP to :

(a)         Add a statement on the Licensing Authority’s expectation on licensed premises’ approach to inclusion in the evening and night-time economy
(b)         A summary of the 2020 Cumulative Impact Assessment
(c)         A revised policy framework for the Licensing Objectives Policies CD1, PS1, and PN1
(d)         A revised Protection of Children from Harm Policy (CH1) framework and the addition of safeguarding as a key consideration within that policy.
(e)         Retention of the existing West End Cumulative Impact Zone boundary, except for the North East area beyond Covent Garden, and to revise the policy framework for the Cumulative Impact Policy – CIP1
(f)          The removal of the Cumulative Impact Zones for Edgware Road and Queensway/Bayswater
(g)         A revised Core Hours Policy - HRS1 framework based on premises uses rather than licensable activities
(h)         A new Special Consideration Zone Policy- SCZ1
(i)          Revised policy framework for premises use policies and updates to policy narrative where necessary
(j)          Removing qualifying clubs from the theatres, cinemas and other performance venues policy, and expanding the policy to include a wider variety of cultural venues and live sporting venues 
(k)         Creating a stand along policy for Qualifying Clubs
(j)          Minor updates and changes across the statement to references to law, guidance or Council policies/strategies.

This consultation seeks your views on the aforementioned changes and updates, as well as on the CIA findings and Westminster's intention to publish it. 

For reference, if you wish to see the current licensing policy, dating from 2016, please click here

The survey will close on Sunday 15th November.

Please note that you can pause and save the survey and resume it at a later date.

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