Community Investment Panel member application

1. Lewisham Home's Community Investment Panel Member application

Thank you for your interest in joining Lewisham Homes’ Community Investment Panel. The panel will decide which community projects receive funding from the community investment pot.

A good panel requires a team of people who share a knowledge and understanding of Lewisham. 
Panel members can come from all walks of life; the one common factor is that each member has an active interest in the community

The Lewisham Homes Community Investment panel is made up of 5 residents, 1 member of staff and an independent chair.

Please complete this form and a member of Lewisham Homes' Community Relation's team will be in touch with you on the next steps.


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3. Are you a Leaseholder or Tenant?


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7. Why are you interested in being part of the Community Investment Panel?


8. What skills can you bring to the panel?


9. Is there anything else you would like to add to support your application?