Grower Taste and Maturity Testing Survey 2020

1. Taste and Maturity Testing Review 2020

Following the failure of the maturity testing process this season, removal of the dry matter testing and subsequent removal of the taste payments it has been agreed by IAC to undertake an industry review of the Taste (and associated grower incentives) and Maturity testing programmes.

The objective of the review is three-fold:
  • to retain and refine existing elements of both programmes where they have a clear link to delivering in-market value.
  • to review and refresh those elements of both programmes that add complexity without a clear link to delivering in-market value, and/or drive behaviour that compromises the industry’s ability to optimise the overall value of the crop.
  • to consider how all grower incentives both inter-relate with each other and relate to market signals to optimise the overall value of the crop

IAC have come up with a set of principles and review areas that a governance IAC subgroup, of which 2 members of the NZKGI exec will be members,  will work through to identify the areas to do an indepth review of. The next step is to get a working group(s) together to come up with an operational plan.

This review needs to have significant grower input and representation on it so NZKGI needs to collate grower views to make sure all growers are represented.

We would like to get your thoughts on the future of the Taste and maturity testing programmes as it’s an opportunity to shape the industry’s growth.

Please note your responses will remain confidential to NZKGI should you wish to provide your details.  
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