Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust Carer Feedback Survey


1. Which team, service or ward are you giving feedback about? *


2. Which county is the team or service based in? *


3. Were you given information about the team or service seeing your friend or family member?


4. Were you told key contacts, for example the care coordinator or named nurse?


5. Were your views and knowledge as a carer sought during assessment and treatment?


6. Were you given the opportunity to talk to the team about your concerns?


7. Were you asked about any help or advice for your own needs?


8. Did staff involve you and keep you informed of care and treatment plans?


9. Was the medication explained to you?


10. Were strategies for managing any difficult behaviour explained to you?


11. Did staff treat you with dignity and respect?


12. Did staff explain about confidentiality and consent to share information?


13. If the person you care for did not consent to share information with you, were you given general advice?


14. Have you been given information about advocacy and support services for you and the person you care for?


15. Have you been offered a carers assessment?


16. Do you have any other comments you would like to share?