Carers Support Services: Commissioning Plan Consultation and Carers Strategy Engagement
The council is seeking views from citizens and organisations on carers’ services. Carers’ services are in place to support people who are carers.Your feedback will be used to help the council decide how to buy Carers Support Services (funded by Adult Social Care). Your feedback can also help the council to develop the Carers Strategy in partnership with carers, service users and stakeholders. You can view the Equality Impact Assessment for this consultation here. 

The survey
The survey is in two parts:
  • Part one contains the formal consultation on the draft Commissioning Plan. The council is consulting on the future plan for how we buy carers support services in Bristol.
  • Part two is an engagement exercise and not part of the formal consultation. This asks questions relating to the broader Carers Strategy and what you would like to see included.
You are welcome to respond to either the consultation only, the engagement survey only or to both the consultation and engagement sections.

The Care Act 2014 brought in new legislation that resulted in changes to the social care system in England in April 2015. Carers are now recognised in the law in the same way as those they care for. These changes mean that more unpaid carers are able to get support when they need it. Such changes are designed to put the carer in control of the help that they receive.

Bristol City Council has a legal duty to offer carers a free carer’s assessment and to offer them sufficient support to continue to meet their caring role. The council has this duty toward anyone in the city that supports or looks after family members or friends on an unpaid basis. A carer’s assessment is the council's way of working out whether you qualify for support in your role as unpaid carer. The assessment will take account of how your caring responsibilities affect you. It will look at whether you're willing and able to carry on providing care and what you might need to help you do this.

The accepted definition of a carer is anyone who provides unpaid care for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health issue or an addiction cannot cope without their support (The Carers Trust).

Anyone can become a carer at any age and a carer may or may not live in the same house as the person cared for. Many people don’t think of themselves as carers, they just look after someone close to them. Caring often happens when people find that someone close to them gradually needs more help. There are thousands of unpaid carers in Bristol. It is important that carers look after their own health so that they can go on caring for as long as they want to.  It is not always easy to do this when someone is looking after someone else.

The final section ‘About You’ will tell us more about you, your situation and why carers services are of interest to you.   
Would you like to:
  • Take part in the consultation on the Carers Support Service Commissioning Plan only or
  • Take part in the engagement survey on the Carers' Strategy only or
  • Take part in both the consultation on the Carers Support Service Commissioning Plan and the Carers Strategy Engagement Survey?

Please indicate which sections of the survey you would like to complete

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