Central Library Coffee Shop Consultation

Swindon Borough Council is holding a consultation on future sustainable options for the coffee shop space in Swindon's Central Library.  This survey is designed to allow for feedback to be submitted. 

We value your views and all feedback received between 6th Jan 2020 and 31st Jan 2020 will be considered.  This survey should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. 

For the purposes of this survey Swindon Borough Council acts as the data controller and by responding to this survey you have given consent to the Council to process your personal data for the specific purpose of market research. All your answers will be treated with the strictest confidence and will not be shared with third parties outside of the Council.

For further information about how Swindon Borough Council uses your personal data, please see our privacy notice on the Swindon Borough Council website (https://www.swindon.gov.uk/info/20028/open_data_and_transparency/912/privacy_notice).


1. Are you a currently member of Swindon Libraries?


2. Did you use the coffee shop that was previously open at Central Library?


3. Would you prefer to see a new coffee shop open or use the space for a different facility?


4. Generally, how often do you frequent coffee shops?


5. Do you prefer national chain coffee shops or independent coffee shops?


6. How important are the following qualities to you when choosing a coffee shop?
(1 being low importance - 5 being highest importance)

1 - Low Importance2345 - High importance
Drink Selection
Food Selection
Wi-Fi accessibility
Friendliness of staff
Sustainable products
Loyalty schemes
Child friendly

7. What drink options are you interested in (select as many as apply):


8. What food options are you interested in (select as many as apply):


9. What price range would you be willing to pay for a sandwich or salad option:


10. When would you be most likely to use a coffee shop in the library? (select as many as apply)


11. Is there a day of the week that you would be likely to use a coffee shop in the library? (select as many as apply)


12. Would you be likely to use other library facilities at the same time as using a coffee shop? (select as many as apply)


13. Do you have any other comments to add on this consultation:

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