• Do you think it is important to show the size, range and participation levels of the sea angling charter fleet in England and Wales?
  • Do you seek greater recognition and consideration of recreational sea angling by policymakers and marine planners?
  • Do you want people to understand the economic and social importance of sea angling to coastal communities
If the answer is YES to any of these, then this survey is for you - and we need your input to get better data on charter boat sea angling.

Catchwise is a major new project to research sea angling in England and Wales and demonstrate its impact and value. It is a unique partnership that puts anglers at the heart of data collection, involving the Angling Trust along with research partners Substance and Cefas, hundreds of angling volunteers, thousands of sea anglers and hundreds of charter skippers.

Catchwise will be the biggest single study of sea angling undertaken for over a decade. At its core is a major survey of charter boats and a shore survey of sea anglers.
  • Find out more about the project, click here.
  • Watch the Angling Trust webinar for Charter boats, click here.

This scoping survey runs from May-September 2023. The main Charter Boat Survey period will be October 2023 to September 2024.

Skippers - we need your help! We will be conducting research with charter skippers to understand more about your fleet, activity levels, catches and the valuable contribution charter boats make to coastal communities.

To fully understand the role and impact of charter boats in recreational sea angling, we really need as many skippers as possible to help us with the research - first with this short survey and then with an occasional weekly diary to be completed a few times from October 2023 - September 2024.

The first stage of work with charter skippers is this survey, which will help profile the charter fleet in England and Wales. Then, you will have the opportunity to express your interest in contributing to the longer survey. As a thank you:
  • All skippers who take part in the year-long study will get promotion of your boat trips via our publicity, website and reports; a record of what you have recorded; prize draws and other benefits - we will ask you about these in the survey.
  • All skippers who will take part in this first stage survey, will be entered into a prize draw for 2 x £100 Amazon vouchers.

Join us in contributing to the future of sea angling by participating and providing your valuable assistance.

If you have difficulty completing the survey online, or have any other queries, please let us know by contacting .
To take this survey, you need to confirm that you have read and understood the purpose of the survey and agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined below.

Terms and Conditions
Any data collected for this project will be managed, processed and stored by Substance in accordance with data protection laws (which are the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and the Data Protection Act 2018). If you have any questions, please contact All data, including personal details, will be kept securely and only used for the purposes of this research unless you expressly permit otherwise. Your data (including personal data) will be shared in a secure way, only with project partners the Angling Trust and Cefas, and only for the purposes of this research and for analysis. Any additional uses will only be possible if you expressly permit them in survey questions. You have the right to withdraw consent at any time and have the right for data you have provided to be deleted.
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