Coaching and Mentoring National Portal


As you will be aware the NFCC have produced a Coaching and Mentoring Toolkit that has been designed to bring together our internal best practices, along with external research, providing tools, guidance and templates to support the adoption or enhancement of Coaching and Mentoring (C&M) within the Fire and Rescue Service. C&M is widely used across our sector with many excellent examples of best practice, with benefits including:
  • Supporting an individual’s potential and growth
  • Supporting individuals to improve their own performance
  • Providing career support
  • Enhanced problem solving and decision-making skills
  • Developing current and future leaders
  • Handling conflict situations so that they are resolved effectively
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction
Following the National Leadership Survey in December 2020, the NFCC facilitated a number of workshops in March 2021 to provide updates on this project and to develop the vision, views and suggestions for a sector agreed Coaching & Mentoring Portal. The National Portal provides an online portal that can be easily accessed by members of the fire sector (coachees and mentees) who wish to gain access to talented Coaches and Mentors across the sector. The coaching and mentoring portal will be delivered within the One NFCC Digital Transformation Project and is expected to integrate within our wider digital presence and developing member area. Using coaches from other services brings a different perspective and gives a wider base of experience that can help identify good practices from outside your service.

The NFCC are now seeking to purchase an ‘off the shelf’ C&M Portal. The portal will be from an established and proven organisation with a track record of working with large organisations or consortiums. The aim of the software is to have an integrated internet-based system that will support users from across the UK Fire Service and Devolved Governments. The portal will support people to easily manage and build coaching & mentoring connections across the fire sector, and will be compliant with all relevant industry standards, along with GDPR.

We are seeking funding to implement and maintain the national portal for the duration of the initial contract (2-3 years). As this isn’t secured at this stage, some of our questions provide funding options. If funding isn’t secured, there is a potential cost to services of between £500 - £1000 per service depending on the take up.

The NFCC is aiming to launch the portal at the end of April 2022, as such we are looking to seek views and ideas in the form of this consultation. Once the details have been collated, they will support our detailed procurement specification.

This consultation will close Friday 29 October 2021. If you have any questions, please email the Senior Project Manager, Jane Cork.