'Our Hospitality Commitment' - a proposed code of conduct for hospitality - Share your views
Recruiting and retaining staff has long been a challenge for the hospitality sector. The sector faces a number of misconceptions, such as low pay, long unsociable hours, limited opportunities to develop and not offering a long-term careers.

As our research shows, to tackle this many large hospitality businesses are making fundamental changes to offer a different and better quality job experience and, for some, it marks a radical change from how they have operated in the past.

However, attempts to change the wider perception of the industry and to show that it is changing for the better can only be done if industry works together and commits to being an ‘employer of choice’, providing good quality training, work-life balance and support to their staff.

To support this, People 1st International, is leading on the development of 'Our Hospitality Commitment' - a code of conduct with key employers, colleges and industry partners. The code will cover critical areas, such as working hours and learning and development, and we'd like your views on the proposed code.

View a copy of 'Our Hospitality Commitment' here and then please take a few minutes to answer the following questions.

Do you feel the concept of the code of conduct is a positive step in collectively working to improve the perception of the industry and attract and retain future talent?


In principle, would you be happy to commit to the code of conduct?


How achievable do you feel it is to commit to the section on work-life balance? (please rate between 1-5, 1 being really difficult, 5 being extremely easy)


Do you feel there is anything missing from the code of conduct that you would like to suggest is incorporated?


Do you have any other comments?


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