SCA Community Archives and Heritage Groups 2020


1. Introduction
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After a very successful year of providing training and support to community archives and heritage groups throughout Scotland, Scottish Council on Archives (SCA) would like to continue this good work. Building on the response of attendees to our events, we are delighted to be setting up a Scotland satellite of ARA UK & Ireland’s Community Archives and Heritage Group (CAHG).   More about CAHG Scotland can be found on our website and through Twitter @CArchivesScot. SCA is responding to the Covid 19 pandemic and providing more resources through our webpages. To keep providing the training, workshops and support focussed on your needs, we would be delighted if you would complete this short survey which will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

1. Your details


2. How would you describe your organisation? For instance, are you a registered charity?


3. Are you an Accredited Museum ? *


4. What types of materials are kept in your archive? Tick all that apply *


5. Is the archive accessible to researchers or visitors? *


6. Do you have access to a local support network of community archives? *


7. On a scale of 1-4, how experienced are you interacting with ancestral tourists?
1 = very experienced , 2 = experienced, 3 = little experience 4 = no experience *


8. Do you have any skills or experience you would be happy to share with other community archive and heritage groups? (for example, technical knowhow, equipment recommendations, successful project ideas)


9. Would you like to be part of the new Scotland Community Archives and Heritage Groups network? *


10. Would you like to contribute to the SCA website by providing images of your collections and/or case studies of successful projects *


11. What sort of training or workshops would be useful to your group? Rate your preferences from 1-10, with 1 being most important and 10 being least important: *


12. How would you want to access training and guidance? Tick all that apply *


13. How far would you be willing to travel for training? Tick all that apply


14. What challenges do you face in maintaining your community group? Tick all that apply


15. What are your main priorities for the next 2-5 years? *


16. Please tell us anything else you think might be helpful or relevant?