Cross Country Accessibility Panel

1. Welcome to the CrossCountry Trains Accessibility Panel Recruitment portal

Hi there 
Thanks so much for expressing interest in our Accessibility Panel.

CrossCountry Trains are looking for volunteers to share their views and insights about travel and accessibility in your local area.  We do hope you'll sign up and be able to help out! 

We've set up a national Accessibility Panel which will look at some of the big picture issues facing our network which extends all the way from Aberdeen right down to Cardiff, Penzance and the South Coast.

But we are also looking for both rail users and non-users to talk openly and honestly about their journey  experiences - whether it's an annual holiday trip, weekend getaway or more regular business travel. Our new regional panels will cover a wide range of access issues but especially focus on the needs of  disabled people and older people. We're really keen to hear from customers with 'hidden' disabilities so we can learn and improve our customer experience. 

So please take just 5 minutes to answer some easy questions and then let us know how you'd like to help us - the more the merrier! 

We're looking forward to hearing from you

Jon Harris
Cross Country Trains Accessibility Panel 

1. Thank you for taking the time to complete this quick survey for CrossCountry Trains

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2. Are you a rail user?


3. If you answered 'yes', let us know how you usually use the train (tick all that apply)

Once a year2-3 times yearOnce a month2-3 times a monthWeekly2-3 times a weekDaily
Long distance business travel
Long distance leisure travel
Long distance - other purposes (e.g. education)
Short journeys - commuting
Short journeys - leisure/social
Short journeys - education
Short journeys- shopping
Short journeys - health
Short journeys - other

4. How would you like to help us?

Take a look at the options of ways to help out the Accessibility Panel and tell us which you'd consider. There's no pressure - we would welcome your input however big or small

Yes - count me inPossibly - but tell me moreNo thank you- not for me
Completing specific online surveys on access topics
Telling us about your experiences on a journey (bit like a diary)
Reporting areas for improvement (on train, station experience, parking, bus connections, booking ahead)
Being consulted on policies and plans
Taking part in a focus group on a specific topic (e.g. staff training, changes to website etc)
Attendance at a Regional Panel - online (twice a year)
Attendance at a Regional Panel - in person (twice a year)
Attendance at our National Panel - online (four times a year)

5. Areas of Interest

We're interested in hearing feedback about every part of your journey, from when you first decided to travel, to the end of your trip. Let us know the areas that matter to you and where you're particularly interested in giving your views

Yes - I'd really like to commentPossibly - depends on the issueNo thank you - not a priority for me
Journey planning/website experience
Ticket booking and reservations
Passenger Assistance - booking and planning
Passenger Assistance - experience on the day of travel
Station experience - staff at ticket office, ticket gates, platform etc
Station experience - facilities
Parking - mobility and access issues
On the train experience
Onward travel advice and help
Travel information and guidance
Getting support in an emergency

6. How long I'm prepared to be involved

The Accessibility Panel structure is set up for the next 18 months, while bigger changes are being put in place about how the UK rail system will work. Accessibility and inclusion will continue to be key themes into the future, but for now let us know how long you're willing to be on the panel


7. Please let us have the first part of your postcode (eg GL2) This helps look at all the responses across the network to make sure we have good representation


8. How would you self-describe your gender (this is to help us see if there are any specific transport issues linked across to gender)


9. Which age bracket would you place yourself in (this helps us look at any trends in terms of travel needs)


10. Would you describe yourself as a disabled person and/or someone with a mobility need? (this is to help with representation across the regions we serve)


11. And finally, please let us have a phone number or email so we can get back in touch with you. These details will be held securely and only used for Accessibility Panel purposes.