Croydon Dentistry Survey - Spring 2021

1. About our survey

This survey is all about your experience of using Croydon dentists since the start of the COVID outbreak since 6 October 2020, when NHS England and NHS Improvement London Region expected all dental practices to be reopened for face to face treatments. We want to understand how the experience of service has been for you since this time.

All comments are anonymous and the views we hear will be used to help with the improvement of dentistry services in Croydon. By completing this survey, you agree to Healthwatch Croydon analysing your anonymised responses to produce a report, which will be published on our website. 

We are working in partnership with the Croydon Local Dentist Committee on this project who represent Croydon dentists and will share our analysis with them.


1. Have you used a Croydon NHS dentist since 6 October 2020? *


2. How easy was it to: *

Very EasyEasyDifficultVery DifficultDid not require
Access my dentist to enquire about appointments.
Have routine appointment (check up, scaling and polishing).
Get an appointment when there was a problem.
Access emergency care such as a sudden broken tooth.

3. Where did you get information about possible dental treatment and how easy was it to use? *

Very usefulUsefulNot that usefulNot usefulDid not use
My dentist’s website
Other websites, please state in comment below

4. What was your immediate dental need? *


5. How did you try and get help? *


6. If you were able to get treatment where was this provided?
Please give name address and postcode if possible.


7. What was the experience of the following: *

Very GoodGoodNeither good nor badBadVery badDid not use service
Waiting for an appointment
Waiting time at dentist
Waiting location
Facilities at surgery

8. How satisfied were you with the outcome? *


9. Before the COVID outbreak in March 2020, did you visit an NHS dentist on a regular occasion, or only when there was an issue? *


10. How important is it to you to have regular access to an NHS dentist? *


11. Has cost been a factor on whether to use an NHS dentist? *


12. Are you aware that there is free entitlement for NHS dental services if you are claiming certain benefits? *


13. If you are accessing free entitlement for NHS dental services due to claiming certain benefits, have you had a change in benefits status that may have affected your decision on whether to use an NHS dentist? *


14. Have you been offered private appointments by Croydon dentists when NHS appointments have not been available? *


15. If you were offered private appointments, did you take them up or not and why? *


16. What is your gender? *


17. What is your age? *


18. Which ethnicity best describes you? *

  • White
  • Asian or Asian British
  • Mixed
  • Black or Black British
  • Other Ethnic Group

19. Do you consider yourself to have a disability?


20. What part of Croydon do you live in? *


21. These questions will help us improve services, if you would like know more about the work we do and receive a monthly newsletter, please leave your details here. This information will be seperated from your comments, when we analyse the data to maintain anonymity.