Understanding the Barriers Older People Face Living Healthy and Independent Lives

1. Introduction

A few months ago, One Northern Devon, with the support of Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust, conducted a survey to gather an overview of issues that older people, potentially living with frailty face in their daily lives.

From this survey, we were able to highlight a number of key issues that were brought up a number of times.

To understand these particular issues, we wanted to run another survey to find out what is most important to our service users.


1. Please tick as many of the below statements that are true for you: *


2. If you have ticked any of the above issues, or provided something else in the free text box, please write down any suggestions that would improve your situation. (EG: If you have selected loneliness, you might want to attend a coffee morning a few times a week). If you have not selected any of the issues above please type 'NA'.



3. Do you have any other overall suggestions that you feel would help you, and others like you, to lead an independent, healthy and fulfilled life?


4. Where do you normally go to find information about transport, local community groups, voluntary services or other support you might need?


5. Do you feel worried about attending groups that meet indoors? *


6. Do you attend any groups in the community and if so, what do you like about them?


7. What would you like to see more of locally *


8. If you were sent a booklet with some simple exercises that you could do at home to help stay healthy and strong, would you try these?


9. Would you like to join a group to help improve care for older people, potentially living with frailty? If so, please provide your name and contact details below.