Dr Motto - Shockwave Therapy Survey


1. Which area of your body was treated?


2. Was the shockwave therapy of help in reducing your pain, and improving your activity levels?


3. Do you think the underlying problem has resolved following this treatment ?


4. With regard to your injury recovery, on a pain scale of 0-10 where would you say you are at present ? ( 0 = no pain, fully recovered, and 10 = worst ever pain, and not recovered at all )


5. Would you recommend this particular treatment to your friends
if they had a similar problem to yours?


6. Would you recommend Dr Motto as a Sports Physician?


7. Please add any other comments you wish to make.
Thank you for your feedback!


8. The information given in this survey is anonymous and confidential. We are currently gathering patient reviews for our new website. We are grateful for any testimonials, and if there is anything you are happy to be shared, please write it below.

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