Private Beta Feedback


Thank you for taking part in The National Archives' Private Beta programme.

Below, you will see survey questions based on each of the three designs you can access from the Private Beta homepage, as well as some questions about your overall experience.

These designs are not finished - this is a milestone in their development and we may be making updates and tweaks during the private beta.

We will continue to refine these designs further once we have learned as much as we can from people like you using them. 

Please give us as much feedback as you can. There is no wrong way to use these pages and there is no way you can make a mistake. We are trying to learn about how the system behaves when being used by all different sorts of people and every bit of feedback from you, big or small, negative or positive, is valuable.

You can complete the survey as many times as you like.  

Enjoy exploring! 

Thank you.  

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