Social Care Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT)

1. Survey Information

What is the Data Security and Protection Toolkit?
The Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) is a free, online self-assessment tool that enables health and social care organisations to demonstrate their compliance with data protection standards. The DSPT is like a passport. Completing it will demonstrate your good practice and clear the way for you to access NHS shared care records.

Why are we sending you this survey?
A new version of the Toolkit is being developed for use by care providers. We want to ensure that the questions contained within the Toolkit are more easily understood by care providers. We are therefore seeking the views of providers of adult social care.

What are the survey questions about and how long will it take me to complete?
The survey will ask for your reactions to a small section of questions from the toolkit, about 9 or 10 questions, which may be existing questions from the current Toolkit or the proposed new questions. You can complete additional sections if you wish. It should take you about 10 to 15 minutes to complete a section of the survey. Please answer honestly – we are not testing you – we are interested in whether the questions are clear and easy to understand. 

When should I complete it by?
Please complete this questionnaire by 20 August 2020 at the latest.

Who is organising this survey?
The Institute of Public Care at Oxford Brookes University is carrying out this survey on behalf of Digital Social Care, which provides advice and support to the sector on technology and data protection at

Who can I contact if I have any questions?
If you have any queries please contact Jackie Daru or Fiona Richardson at the Institute of Public Care. 

What will happen to the information I supply?
Your answers to this survey will be used to help us improve the DSPT. Your response will be kept confidential and no personal data that identifies individuals will be shared. To understand how we handle your data please refer to our Privacy Notice