The DAISY Awards Nomination

1. The DAISY Awards Online Nomination Form

The DAISY Awards is an international recognition programme started in memory of J. Patrick Barnes. Pat's family experienced first-hand the difference his nurses made in his care through clinical excellence and outstanding, compassionate care. The family created The DAISY Award to express gratitude to nurses and to enable other patients, families and staff to thank and honour their special nurses.

Please visit the GOSH website or to learn more about the DAISY Award.

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3. If you are nominating a nursing team or multiple team members for the Daisy Award, please list the name of the team.


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Please describe a specific situation or story that demonstrates how this nurse or team made a meaningful difference in care, providing as much detail as possible?


7. There may be an opportunity to attend a DAISY Award ceremony in the future if one of your nominees wins an award.


If you would like to be involved, please provide your name and contact number/email address.


(Please note- contact information will be deleted after the ceremonies)