Deep Discoveries

1. Visual Search

Thank you for taking the time to complete this short 5 minute survey for 'Deep Discoveries', a research project on computer vision search. By answering the following questions you will help us design a search platform for visual collections. This project is part of the AHRC’s Towards a National Collections programme, and is a collaboration between The National Archives, the University of Surrey, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh and the Victoria & Albert Museum. A summary of data from this survey will be shared among the research partners and may be published. No personal information is required for this survey. We will be carrying out further user research in the spring; should you wish to participate, you can provide your email at the end of the survey. Your email will ONLY be used to contact you and will be deleted once the project is completed. You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.  

1. Have you ever looked for visual inspiration? (e.g. to look at a collection of objects, photographs, works of art, something in nature, an object, a building etc. to get an idea for something or build on an idea you already have) *