Skin Type


1. Would you say that you have a regular skin or sensitive skin?


2. If you have a sensitive skin - since when your skin is considered to be sensitive ?


3. Do you check the ingredients of your skin care?


4. If I told you that there are loads of nasty cancer promoting chemicals in Skin care would that surprise you?


5. If you have a sensitive skin how do you chose your Skincare? Do you do your own research into the ingredients or you trust the marketing/advertising which states it is designed for sensitive skin?


6. If I told you that some expensive and "natural" skincare is not really natural and uses harsh chemicals - will that surprise you?


7. Do you know about the App called Think Dirty?


8. would you like me to keep you updated with regards to health topics including any Skincare workshops I will be holding in the future?


9. If you are interested for me to keep you posted of future workshops and events please write your email below.

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