Economics Observatory

Thank you for taking part in this short survey about the Economics Observatory. The survey is being run by the independent research company, Woodnewton. All your answers are held in strict confidence and your individual responses will not be passed on to anyone else. We welcome your honest views. The survey should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete.

1. How well do you feel you know what the Economics Observatory does?


2. Here is a list of activities and outputs produced by the Economics Observatory. For each, please indicate how well you rate the quality of them (or if you have not used/aware please tick the relevant box).

Very goodFairly goodFairly poorVery poorDon’t know / never used / never heard of
Answers to research questions published on its website
Datahub on its website
Weekly newsletters sent to subscribers
ECO magazine (produced quarterly)
Writing masterclass
Policy seminars

3. How useful, if at all, is the Economics Observatory for your work?


4. The goal of the Economics Observatory is to provide balanced and reliable answers to the challenges facing the UK economy. Do you agree or disagree that the Economics Observatory is currently achieving its goal?


5. Why do you say that (in answer to previous question)?