Guaranteed claim form

Please complete the below steps before starting a claim:

Step 1 - Contact the Tradesperson who carried out the Sub-Standard Work to go through any concerns.
Explain your concerns and the reasons you are not happy.
Discuss what actions can be undertaken to rectify the situation.
Allow the Tradesperson the opportunity to rectify the Sub-Standard Work or reimburse you for any costs incurred.
Set a final deadline date for the Tradesperson to resolve (usually 7 days) notifying them that you will submit a Claim on the Checkatrade guarantee after that date if a satisfactory conclusion has not been reached.

Step 2 - Leave a negative review on our website - If you are unable to resolve your claim directly with the Tradesperson, please submit a complaint by leaving a negative review at
Please allow 7 days from submitting your review before proceeding with a claim. 

Once you are ready to start your claim, please click 'Next Page' below.