Review of East Ayrshire Local Landscape Boundary – Consultation

1. Why we're doing this consultation

The current East Ayrshire Local Development Plan (2017) includes a large Local Landscape Area (LLA), previously described as Sensitive Landscape Area. 

The LLA is considered  a valuable and important landscape within East Ayrshire.  In total it covers nearly 37% of the local authority area and takes in the Doon Valley, Southern Uplands and much of the River Ayr.

East Ayrshire Council is now preparing a new Local Development Plan in conjunction with LDA Design and is reviewing the LLA (see a high resolution map here) to see if it should:
  • remain as it is
  • be expanded
  • be reduced
  • be amended 
Wind energy, surface coal mining and other development, such as housing and infrastructure are affecting the character and integrity of the LLA.

We want to know how local people feel about the local landscape area.  For this reason we are asking for your comments on the existing LLA area and to what extent you value the LLA for:
  • exercise
  • recreation
  • generally being outdoors
  • health and wellbeing
  • the landscape and views
And  we what to know if you feel that:
  • the quality of the landscapes are important for tourism and an economic resource
  • there has been erosion of the landscape quality and character within the LLA
  • there are areas that have been improved through development and/or community activities.
This survey will close on Friday 26 March 2021

1. Do you visit the countryside within the LLA for exercise / recreation / simply enjoying the outdoors?


2. If yes, how often do you visit?


3. What do you like about the LLA? (please select all that apply)


4. Is the quality of the landscape important to you as an individual or a business?



5. If you answered yes to question 4, please explain why the quality of the landscape is important to you


6. Do you think the landscapes of, and places within the LLA are important for tourism and the economy?



7. If yes, are there any areas or attractions that you think are particularly important?


8. Do you think development is spoiling / damaging any areas within the LLA?



9. If yes, where and what types of development?


10. Do you think there are any areas of the LLA that have been enhanced through development / environmental projects?



11. If yes, where and what types of development / projects?


12. Are there any areas of the LLA that you think should be protected from development?



13. If yes, please tell us where these areas are and why they should be protected.


14. Are there any areas where you think more development could be accommodated?



15. If yes, please tell us where these areas are, and what type of development you think could work there


16. Do you think there are other areas that should be included within the LLA?



17. If yes, please tell us where they are and why you think they should be included?


18. Do you think there are areas that should be removed from the LLA?



19. If yes, please tell us where they are and why you think they should be removed?


20. Do you have any other points you would like to make about the extent and boundaries of the LLA?


21. We are asking for your details only so that we can get in touch with you regarding your responses if we need more information on locations that you have mentioned. Your information will be used for this purpose only and processed and held securely in terms of Data Protection Legislation.

For further information on our legal basis for processing your information and your rights in terms of Data Protection Legislation, please visit our privacy statement.

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