Edinburgh College Travel Survey (November 2023)

1. Introduction
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The findings of this survey will be used for informing the college’s environmental sustainability strategy and to support active travel measures.

This 3-4 minute travel survey aims to understand how you currently travel to and from your normal place of work/study and the important issues about your journey.   

Your views are important to us and we would be grateful if you could spare a few moments to complete this survey. 

Closing date for the survey is Friday 12th January 2024.

We have enlisted the help of Travelknowhow Scotland to conduct the survey and report back on the findings. Should you have any further questions please contact  shona@travelknowhowscotland.co.uk

Privacy Notice
This survey is designed to gather anonymous data from Edinburgh College colleagues and students, we are not looking to gather or use any data which could identify individuals. The survey is voluntary and the data you provide will not be used for any other purposes beyond the needs of the Travel Survey. The data provided will be collated and processed by 'Travelknowhow Scotland' who are funded by Transport Scotland, (https://www.travelknowhowscotland.co.uk/ ). Once aggregated the data will be shared with Edinburgh College  with a view to informing wider policy decisions. The data will be processed securely within the UK in line with all the relevant General Data Protection Regulations.