Events for Haslingden


1. In the past, Haslingden has held many thriving, large town centre based events. These events have been organised by members of the community.

Did you previously attend any of those?


2. Do you ever attend events outside of Haslingden? *


3. What events would you like to see in Haslingden Town Centre? (please select your 4 x favourite) *


4. Out of the events you've been to in Haslingden, have there been any issues with on the day facilities, such as parking, toilets, number of volunteers, road closures etc?

NB: please skip this question if you've never been to events in Haslingden


5. If Haslingden had 4 x signature events each year, what do you think they should be? Where in the town centre do you think is the most practical place to hold them? *


6. How do you usually find out about events? *


7. Do you feel connected to Haslingden's Heritage? *


8. What ideas do you have to promote Haslingden's heritage through events? *


9. Would you be interested in helping organise any events in Haslingden Town Centre?
This can be anything from designing a poster to helping on the day, *


10. Do you have any other comments about events in Haslingden Town Centre, the promotion of them and how we can encourage more people to be involved?