The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition Every Woman Study - Patient Questionnaire


1. Preliminary Questions


1. The mission of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition is to ensure the best possible chance of survival and quality of life for women with ovarian cancer wherever they live.

The Coalition consists of more than 100 members (mainly patient organisations) from 28 countries. You can find out more about the coalition here.

​Our Every Woman Study, of which this questionnaire is a part, will help us highlight the challenges facing women with ovarian cancer and those who care for them, and the opportunities to make progress.  We will use the results to develop a Global Ovarian Cancer Charter.

​There are currently 600,000 women living within five years of a diagnosis of ovarian cancer around the world, so you are not alone. By sharing your experiences in this anonymous questionnaire you will be helping drive forward much needed improvements in diagnosis, treatment and support.  

​The questionnaire will take about an hour to complete.  You can pause during the questions and return later to your responses.  The survey is only open to women who have been diagnosed since January 2013.  This is to ensure the results we present and use to advocate for change will be considered current in terms of health care policy. The questionnaire is open to women with any of the many types of ovarian cancer, including primary peritoneal, and fallopian tube cancers.

​You will not be asked to submit your name, or contact details as part of the questionnaire, so your answers will remain anonymous.  If however you decide to save your answers and return to complete them later, you will need to submit an email address.  This data however will not be stored as part of the answers to your questions, it will just trigger an email to you with a link to return.  At the end of the questionnaire you will be asked if you want to submit extra information, which you can do via a separate and unlinked form.

​If you would like to contact the Study Director, Frances Reid, at any time please email

​Our thanks go to those women around the world who have been involved in developing this questionnaire, the patient organisations who have put the women in touch with us, our Expert Advisory Panel, and all those who have volunteered translation services, which has meant this survey is available in 14 languages.  Acknowledgements will be made in the final report.

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