Face Covering Exemption Card: Feedback Survey (2021)



The Face Covering Exemption Card is administered by Disability Equality Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government. 

You are required by law to wear a face covering in settings such as shops, transport, all indoor public places and communal areas in workplaces.  Exemption cards are available for people who are exempt from wearing face coverings in accordance with the Scottish Government guidance.

Please complete this survey to share your experiences of using the Face Covering Exemption Card. If you downloaded or requested a card on behalf of someone you support or care for, you can complete this survey on their behalf.

All responses will be confidential and any personal details we seek will be held securely. Disability Equality Scotland has procedures to protect any personal information you provide. The Privacy Policy can be read on our website. Disability Equality Scotland is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the processing and storing of your data.