The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) is responsible for the governance, administration and regulation of horseracing and the wider horseracing industry in Britain. The BHA also leads on the development and growth of racing and prioritises the health and welfare of the sport’s participants both human and equine. 


The BHA has commissioned an independent consultancy, Plan4Sport, who specialise in equity, equality, diversity and inclusion, to undertake this research on our behalf.


There are three ways to share your experiences with the Plan4Sport research team:

  • Complete this survey (this is available in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu, as well as other languages on request)
  • Request to speak to the Research Team directly - please email to book a call
  • Join a focus group - please register your interest in this option by emailing


About this survey


This short feedback survey has been developed by the British Horseracing Authority to help us understand more about the experiences of people from ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds who are working or have worked in British Horseracing. We want everyone in our sport to feel happy and supported in their role. 

Your feedback is important, as can help us in our efforts to improve our sport and make sure British Horseracing is an enjoyable place to work for everyone, with equal opportunities for everyone to achieve their goals. As well as people from ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds, we want to hear from those people who may have worked with or witnessed experiences of their ethnically diverse colleagues.


The survey will;

  1. Undertake research into the experiences of racing industry employees who are from ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds, as well as hearing from people who have worked with and witnessed the experiences of their ethnically diverse colleagues
  2. Explore if there is any poor or discriminatory practice taking place, including what this looks and feels like, and the impact it has had on individuals
  3. Use this anonymous feedback to make recommendations to the British Horseracing Authority's Board and the wider horseracing industry based on the findings, including areas which the Plan4Sport Review Team consider to be good practice and areas which require improvement.


What if you need urgent help?


The BHA advise that if you know of anyone who needs help, or you experience or witness unsatisfactory behaviour please report it by email to


Confidential reports concerning Welfare, Integrity, Safeguarding and Equality can also be made to RaceWISE, a confidential reporting service operated by Crimestoppers on behalf of the BHA. Call 0800 085 2580 or complete the online form available here