Recommissioning of care and support contracts in Extra Care Housing - commissioning plan consultation

Bristol City Council is reviewing the care and support services delivered in Extra Care Housing (ECH) that are funded by the council’s Adult Social Care budget. The council is looking at what services are delivered and how the council would like to commission (buy) these services in the future. The current contracts that are due to be recommissioned are available here. 

An ECH scheme is where people have their own self-contained homes as part of a larger complex, have a legal right to occupy the property, and have the provision of an onsite care and support service. Bristol City Council currently spends approximately £4.8m per annum on care and support in ECH across the city for people over 55 years of age. Care and support providers deliver personal care and support services for people living in ECH schemes.

Getting care and support services right is important, so the council wants to make sure the services it funds are right for people who live in ECH now and in the future.

Commissioning (buying or procuring a service) is a process whereby the council pays another organisation to deliver services. The council must make sure it gets best value for public money. It must also make sure that organisations that would like to apply to deliver care and support in ECH services are given an opportunity to do so. When an organisation applies to the council to deliver services, this is called a tender.

New ECH contract from April 2022 

The current contracts listed below for ECH care and support will end in April 2022 and Bristol City Council needs to find ECH care and support providers for the next contract period.

The council has written a commissioning plan for the new care and support contracts in ECH. The ECH commissioning plan sets out what ECH services would be provided and how the council proposes to buy in those services from other organisations.

The ECH commissioning plan is the subject of this consultation and is available here.

The final commissioning plan will be informed by feedback from people who have an interest in how care and support services are provided in ECH:
  • people living in extra care housing
  • people who care for people living in extra care housing
  • the families or friends of people living in extra care housing
  • the providers of care and support services in extra care housing
  • other stakeholders and organisations who work with extra care housing
This process is called a consultation. People and organisations who fill in the survey will be asked what they think is important about ECH care and support services – what services are provided and how they are provided.

Organisations who can provide ECH support services will then apply to deliver these services in a tender, which will be put out in autumn / winter 2021. Care and support services already in place in ECH will continue to be delivered throughout this process without a break.

The results of this consultation will inform the final version of the commissioning plan. You will be asked to tell us what you think of:
  • the key areas of focus for the draft commissioning plan
  • the types of care and support services to be commissioned
  • what the council will pay for future care and support services (pricing options)
  • the way the council buys care and support services from ECH providers (purchasing options)
You do not need to answer all the questions in this questionnaire.