Employer Survey: Your experience of Apprenticeships

1. Employer Survey: Your experience of Apprenticeships
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There are almost 3 million smaller employers in England who form a critical part of our economy and who are a significant employer group contributing a vast amount to the UK economy and providing employment opportunities to millions of people including apprenticeships.

NSAR are keen to hear the views of smaller employers on their experience, understanding and knowledge of apprenticeships and the recent changes to how apprenticeships work.  As part of the ongoing national commitment to making apprenticeships work for smaller employers, your vital feedback will to help employers take the lead on apprenticeships, putting them in the driving seat for what works for your business.

Your feedback will be shared with Department for Education, business intermediaries, businesses and training providers alike who can use this information to continue to shape apprenticeships, apprenticeship services and provide the right guidance for smaller employers.

Thank you for taking the time to get involved.