Bridport Health Check Retailer Survey 2019


1. About your business
How would you describe your town centre business?


2. Please list the primary and secondary goods / services you retail:


3. How long has your business operated in Bridport:


4. How long has your business operated from the current site:


5. How many staff are employed in the business?

Full timePart time
Family staffing only
Over 5

6. . How has trading been for you over the last 7 to 10 months?


7. What is your sense of the trading environment over the next 12 months?


8. Are you considering changes to your business over the next two years?


9. If Yes to Q8 then. What will the investment be in?


10. Please complete the following SWOT frame for Bridport town centre


11. Any other comments you’d like to make about Bridport town centre: