Ofsted attendance benchmark survey 2020

1. Introduction

The below survey is being requested as a one off data collection to benchmark normal attendance levels and the numbers returning in Early Years childcare provision for the week of Monday 6th July and the 10th July 2020.

This will allow Devon County Council to establish the percentage return to the childcare sector and supply as a Devon wide summary figure to colleagues in Ofsted and the Department for Education to compare to national trends.

Please complete and submit this survey by 5pm Tuesday 21st July.

This is a one off survey that is in addition to the daily attendance register.

We appreciate your assistance with this important information.

1. What is the name of your provision (as registered with Ofsted)? *


2. What is your Ofsted unique reference number? *


3. What is your email address (please state the email address you use to complete the Daily Attendance Register)? *


4. Please tell us if your provision was open Monday 6th to Friday 10th of July 2020
(If you were willing to accept children, but no children were attending that day please select that you were open with no children attending). *

Open (on any day/s of that week)Open if needed but no children attendedClosed (not open between 6th and 10th July)
Week of Monday 6th to Friday 10th July

5. We are looking for a quick comparison between how many children are currently attending your childcare provision compared to how many children who would usually attend your provision (e.g. before the effects of Covid-19 all children you had registered to attend including both funded and non-funded children).

Number of children registered to attend between 6th July and 10th July (or a typical week if not known) *


6. Number of children who actually attended between July 6th and the 10th July (Count each child only once)


7. If you are a childminder - the number of your own children that attended between the 6th July and the 10th July