Urgent Care - Staff Survey

1. Liverpool Urgent Care Review - NHS Staff Survey

A review of urgent care is being led by NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) which plans NHS care for the city.

Urgent care changes are part of a national programme, so we are working with clinical commissioning groups in South Sefton and Knowsley to make sure that our conversations with local people and the options we develop are joined up and make sense to people who live near the boundaries of these areas.

We'd like to know your views on local urgent care services as a member of staff. If you'd like to complete our survey designed for patients and members of the public, please click here.

1. Please select your main place of work:


2. Which of the following best describes your role?


3. Thinking specifically of your area of work, how important do you think the following would be to improve urgent care?

More importantImportantNot important
Address difficulties in staff recruitment/retention
Make different services more joined up so that they work better together
Give staff the ability to see the full patient record
Make improvements in availability of technology
More support around pressure of targets

4. Thinking across the system as a whole, please choose three options from the list below which you believe are most important for improving urgent care?


5. We'd like to know what you think about the following services and how they may or may not meet needs and reduce demand on A&E. Please select one answer for each row.

Not aware of this serviceLittle impactHelps meet needsReduces demand on A&EIncreases demand on A&E
What do you think the impact of extended hours GP services are on meeting urgent care needs? (In October 2018 additional evening and weekend GP appointments were made available in Liverpool. These are bookable via the patient’s usual GP practice as a telephone consultation or face to face appointment in one of 3 locations across the city rather than in the patient’s own practice).
What do you think the impact of the out of hours GP services is (GPs available overnight and at weekends, via NHS 111, for telephone consultations or home visits) on meeting urgent care needs?
What do you think the impact of walk in centre services are on meeting urgent care needs?
What do you think the impact of NHS 111 services are on meeting urgent care needs?

6. Finally, do you think there are other ways we could improve urgent care, which have not been mentioned above?


7. If you’d like to get involved in the review of urgent care services or be kept up to date with its progress, please provide your email address so that we can contact you.