MDataGov modules: non-DSC sponsored or self-funded student application checklist

1. Welcome

We are delighted that you are interested in undertaking a MSc Data Analytics for Government (MDataGov) course/module. 

We have created this checklist for you to use to ensure that you have all the information that you require to hand before applying for your chosen course with the relevant University.

All details on course prerequisites are provided on the website of your chosen university. Links to each of our university partners can be found on the ONS Data Science Campus website

If you are unable to find the information that you need, please contact the Advanced Collaborative Programmes Team:

Please read our privacy statement.

1. Which university do you plan to apply to? *


2. Which course are you planning on applying for? *


3. Do you meet the prerequisites/entry requirements for this course (i.e. the required knowledge and qualifications/experience) as described in the university's information? *


4. Have you obtained approval from your line manager to take this course or, if not, are you aware of the number of hours required to complete this course in your personal time? *


5. Has funding for this course been approved by your organisation (unless you are self-funding)? *


6. Have you checked the course fees for the course you are interested in?
Please be aware that, for standalone CPD modules, some of our partner Universities offer 5 credit, 10 credit and/or 20 credit modules each of which have different fees associated with them. If taking a standalone module, please check that you have the correct fee information based on the number of credits for your module of interest.


7. If you are being sponsored by your organisation, are you aware of your chosen university's requirements for applicants to prove their sponsorship status during the application process? If not, please see the Data Science Campus MDataGov webpages for guidance.