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Thank you for agreeing to complete this survey. Your input is extremely valuable.  

Moving away from using animals and adopting new methods for disease research, drug discovery and testing is a significant undertaking, which will require a carefully considered and strategic approach. Although replacement is fundamental to many laws regulating animal experiments, there is still some debate about whether, and how, this should be achieved. We would like to understand better in which areas the main opportunities and challenges lie, to enable us to continue working constructively with regulators, policy makers and all those involved in laboratory animal use.  The questions below are intentionally broad as we do not wish to pre-judge responses, but some clarification of our terms might be helpful. 

When we say “biomedical research and testing” we mean any area of human disease research, drug discovery, or regulatory testing for safety and efficacy (pre-clinical). We are not including any areas of veterinary medicine or agricultural animal welfare. 
When we say “area of research” we mean anything you might naturally interpret from this phrase, from the highly specific such as a particular biological pathway, test or assay, to a broader interpretation such as “neuroinflammation” or ”reproductive toxicity”. 
When we say “replacement of animals” we mean in the first instance what is sometimes called “full replacement”, that is if this change was made, no animal or animal products would continue to be required in this area of research. However, we recognise that there may well be actionable areas where partial replacement of animals is possible, and we would also be interested to hear about these. 

To ensure our findings are accurate and representative we need as much input as possible from experts in the field. Therefore, please forward this survey on to colleagues you think might have an opinion on this issue. Your responses will be anonymous unless you choose to leave us your name and contact details. The survey findings will be discussed by an expert panel, before being compiled into a report with recommendations for funders and policy-makers. 

If you have any questions or would like any further information about the survey or project, please contact Project Officer, Jessie Hellier, at

Thank you for taking the time to be part of this research.