Filby Neighbourhood Plan - Resident Survey August 2019


1. What three words describe Filby to you?


2. What are the three best things about living in Filby?


3. Is there anything you dislike about living in Filby? List up to three things.


4. What areas of the local green space within the village or particular views do you think should be protected from future development?

Please tell us what these are and why they are special to you. They could be special for all sorts of reasons, such as wildlife, tranquility, heritage, recreation or amenity value. 


5. Please describe any environmental issues you think need to be addressed in the village.


6. How strongly do you agree that any new development should be expected to protect the environment and improve wildlife areas?


7. To what extent do you agree that we should retain our Dark Skies at night and request that any new lighting needed as part of development helps to reduce light pollution and uses less energy so as to preserve our view of the night skies?


8. Do you agree that there is a need for new housing to be built in the village?


9. If there is development in the village, what kind of housing do your think should be built?


10. If there is development in the village, what size of homes do you think should be built?


11. If there is development in the village, what type of property do you think should be built?


12. Are there any local characteristics of buildings in Filby that you think new development should incorporate - ie Slate tiles, flint in the walls?


13. Would you support modern or contemporary designs for homes, such as eco-homes?


14. To what extent do you agree that speeding is an issue within the village?


15. Do you think the neighbourhood plan should include policies for supporting local business in Filby? If yes please include your suggestions.


16. What improvements to infrastructure, such as improved footpaths, would you like to see in the village?


17. Which of the following indicates your interest in Filby?


18. Indicate whether you are:


19. Indicate your age category:

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