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In April 2019 Truro Cathedral was awarded funding by the National Lottery Heritage Fund to enable it to undertake a project to build resilience and sustainability. As the Friends of Truro Cathedral already fully understand, the self-funded cathedral relies heavily on the generosity of its supporters and visitors – making the experience that these supporters and visitors have of the cathedral a key focus area for any sustainability plans that are created.

As the cathedral begins this project, it is important to understand the starting point – to know what experience the cathedral believes it is providing to individuals and the community, to explore how closely that matches reality and to identify and investigate potential areas for development. To assist with that process, Truro Cathedral has enlisted the help of specialist heritage development consultancy, Tricolor, to undertake a programme of audience research on the cathedral’s behalf. This is a large project and over the coming months Tricolor will engage with all the cathedral’s key stakeholders – the schedule included on the next page provides a summary of the timeline for that activity. 

As a Friend of Truro Cathedral, you and the support you provide and encourage for the organisation are vital to the cathedral achieving and delivering all that it does and in protecting all that the cathedral represents for future generations. As a member of the Friends,  the cathedral’s most avid support group, you have a unique perspective on the cathedral and of the impact of its activities on each of the cathedral’s visitor groups, whether the congregation, other Friends, volunteers, event attendees, learners, customers of the shop or restaurant – the list goes on. So, the starting point for this work is you. The following pages outline the opportunities for you to get involved and input into this exciting project, and you are warmly encouraged to do so. The more people that take part, the more complete the picture created will be and the more valuable the research becomes. 

Your participation and feedback will help the cathedral to have a clear understanding of what it needs to do to reach and  engage with increased and wider audiences, and that understanding will assist the cathedral’s preparations for a major capital project that will not only benefit the organisation but also vitally encourage individuals and funders to support the cathedral. This is an exciting period of discovery and development for the cathedral – thank you for the part you will play in helping to shape the organisation’s future.

To find out more please email William Folkes on [email protected] or Emma Shirtcliffe on [email protected]