Blushbaby Donations Form

Thank you for considering donating to the Blushbaby Appeal.  Your items will make a massive difference to babies and children in our community.  There are many reasons why families reach out for help - from recently experiencing a traumatic incident, a bereavement of a close family member, miscarriage or stillbirth, losing a job and income or becoming too ill to cope.  Many parents suffer mental ill-health with conditions such a post-natal depression or anxiety. 

When every day feels like a lonely mountain to climb, the kindness offered by a stranger can not only bring practical aid, but especially lifts the person's belief, sense of being cared for and determination to go on for another day.  So many of the people who receive items go on to pay it forwards when times are better.   We can't share personal details of the people we provide your items to, but we will keep you posted with case studies of the good they have done.  

From the bottom of each tiny baby bootee, we thank you for your kindness and generosity.   

The Wellbeing in Action Blushbaby Appeal Team.  x

TIPS & HINTS:   Please ensure all items are in good, clean, hygienic condition.  We don't provide a recycling centre and do not bag up unusable items to ship as rubbish abroad.  We only have a small storage space so we want to make it count.  People who are at a very low point in their life need a sense of quality and pride to inspire them, so please be considerate in the donations you send... basically, if you would like to receive them, that's good enough for us!

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5. Items you would like to donate: Please tell us a little about the type, age group, condition and anything you think would be useful.


6. Would you be able to drop the items to us, or the family concerned (with their permission)?


7. Tell us when is the best time to contact you to make arrangements?


8. Would you be happy for us to contact you after you have donated to let you know how your donation has made a difference or to keep you in touch with other things Wellbeing in Action are doing? (We are a small charity and do not bombard our supporters with marketing materials and we NEVER sell or pass your data to third parties. We take your privacy seriously and do not share any data provided in this form with third parties, except where it may lead us to concerns that you or another person/child are at risk of serious harm if we do not disclose it).


9. Finally, would you be prepared now, or in the future, to make a cash donation to assist us purchasing new items such as nappies, creams and lotion, bottles and other medical and hygiene products for new mothers, babies and children?

Thank you for offering to donate. The Blushbaby Appeal Team will be in touch very soon to make arrangements. If you have any questions - please email: