Obesity treatment: a review of current practice in Primary Care and training in undergraduate medical educational programmes - for GPs

1. Introduction
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With the adult population in Northern Ireland carrying more excess weight than ever, this project asks is it now time the treatment of overweight and obesity takes precedence over prevention? Adverse effects of carrying excess weight on health, wellbeing and life expectancy is well understood. What is less well understood is how we can implement effective treatments in practice. We are interested in learning from you what current practice looks like and as well as how effective you think current practices are.  
We would be grateful if you would complete this short survey which will help us learn more about what is happening in practice. 
This survey should take about 10-20 minutes to complete. Results from this survey will be collated anonymously and used to increase awareness around this issue. 
It is not essential to answer every question. Complete survey data is most useful to us, but we understand you may not wish to disclose (or have time to complete) some information – please feel free to skip over any such question(s). 
The survey is available in other formats (large print, hard copy, verbal delivery, and different colour contrasts).  Please contact [a.j.mcknight@qub.ac.uk] if you wish to access these. 
Many thanks for your participation; it is much appreciated! 
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