The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is launching a consultation on key data protection issues in relation to developing and using generative AI (Gen AI) models. In the first instance, we are seeking views on the lawful basis for processing web scraped data to train Gen AI models. You can read our developing thinking on this issue here.

Your responses will help us develop our final regulatory positions on Gen AI which will be reflected in ICO’s upcoming AI guidance update. 

The consultation will remain open until 1 March 2024. We may not consider responses received after the deadline. The ICO welcomes feedback to the questions set out in the survey. This survey is split into the following sections: 

  • Section 1: Your views on our proposed regulatory approach
  • Section 2: Impacts on your organisation
  • Section 3: About you
  • Section 4: Final comments

If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact:

This is the first in a consultation series on Gen AI. For more information about this consultation series, and topics of future calls for evidence in the series, please see our introduction to the consultation.

Privacy statement 
For this consultation we may publish in full the responses received from organisations or a summary of the responses. If we do publish any responses, we will remove email addresses and telephone numbers from these responses. Please do not to share any information in your response which you would not be happy for us to make publicly available.

Should we receive an FOI request for your response we will always seek to consult with you for your views on the disclosure of this information before any decision is made. For more information about what we do with personal data please see our privacy notice. Please note that we are using the platform SmartSurvey to gather this information. Any data collected by SmartSurvey for the ICO is stored on UK servers. You can read their Privacy Policy and Notice here.

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