Folkestone Library Survey


What this survey is about and what it is for


As you will know, Grace Hill Library has been closed for some time due to the need for building repairs.
This survey is being organised by members of the Save Our Library campaign. We are working to achieve three goals:
  • Retain
  • Repair
  • Reopen
We are asking for your views on how  our local library should work in future. We are also considering a 'Planning for Real' event in the next month or two. This work will help us understand community views and how we can do our best to represent these in discussions with KCC and others.

Thank you for taking the time to share your views and ideas with us.

1. Have you been - or would you like to be - a local Library user?


2. What is your age range?


3. What is your gender? *


4. (Optional question) Personal Identity

We invite you to describe any factors of your personal identity which you feel relate to how you perceive the Library service -
or which you might wish to be recognised within the approach to service delivery and provision.

Examples might include your heritage, cultural identity, sexual identity, ethnicity, faith or other factors: it is for you to say.
Please use the space provided below.


5. Please tell us about some of your family or friends who use the library.... *


6. What is your occupation?