Growth Lincolnshire Evaluation


1. Thank you for taking part in this survey. The Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub are keen to continuously monitor and evaluate the services and programmes it offers to businesses across Greater Lincolnshire.

This evaluation will focus on the Growth Lincolnshire offer, which is funded through the European Regional Development Fund. The data being collected will help the Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub to understand the support businesses are accessing and how effective the programmes are in supporting businesses. The information provided will also be shared with the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy, which may also include matching to other data sources to understand more about organisations like yours and general patterns and trends. Business data will not be published or referred to in any way which identifies any individual or business. If you have any queries with regard to this survey or how the results will be used please contact

This survey should last roughly 10 minutes. All the information being collected for the survey is stored securely and will be kept confidential. You won't be identified at any point during data handling, analysis, write up and dissemination of findings. This survey is being carried out by Social Change UK on behalf of the Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub.

Which service did you access? Tick all that apply. *


2. What Specialist Support did you receive? (Please tick all that apply)
If you are unsure, please enter the name of your adviser in the 'other' box. Please tick 'I did not receive Specialist Support' if not applicable. *


3. When accessing the Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the quality of the following services? If you've not accessed any of the following support, please click 'N/A'. *

Very satisfiedSomewhat satisfiedNeither satisfied nor dissatisfiedSomewhat dissatisfiedVery dissatisfiedN/A
Support from a Growth Hub Advisor
Specialist Support
Website support
Telephone helpline support
Webchat support
Events / workshops
Financial support (i.e. grants)

4. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the support provided by the Growth Hub? *


5. How likely are you to recommend this service to a friend or colleague? *


6. Have you developed new or improved products / services / processes as a result of accessing support through the Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub? *


7. Has your business turnover or employment increased as a result of accessing the Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub? *


8. How can the Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub help your business to grow in the future? Tick all that apply.