HSLG Literature Search Peer Review Buddy Scheme Summer 2023

Please fill in this form to register your interest in the HSLG Literature Search Peer Review Buddy scheme for Summer 2023. This scheme is for library staff and information specialists based in Ireland. By completing this you are committing to:
  1. sharing one search strategy with your buddy for informal peer review
  2. peer reviewing one search strategy provided by your buddy
  3. meeting your buddy virtually for one hour long discussion about your search strategies before the end of July 2023

1. Enter your full name *


2. Enter your email address *


3. Enter your organisation name (so that you won't be paired with a colleague from your organisation) *


4. How many years have you been undertaking literature searches for your library users? *


5. In which discipline do you mostly undertake literature searches?


6. Select resources which you use for literature searches (check as many as apply)

Please note that we will endeavour to match library staff with similar levels of expertise or interests, however, as this is a voluntary opt-in process, best fit matches may not always be possible. Advice given to participants by their buddies does not constitute official advice by the HSLG.

Privacy statement
The information you provide on this form will be kept in our smartsurvey account. The HSLG committee will use this information as a record of your application to the Literature Search Peer Review Buddy Scheme and to pair you with your buddy. We will not share your details with third parties. You have the right to request access to your personal details and to request that they are updated or removed. For our full privacy statement please see https://hslg.ie/about/privacy-policy/. If any of the information provided changes please contact us at contacthslg@gmail.com
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