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In 2018 we voted by referendum to approve a Neighbourhood Plan with the vision of “Protecting, enhancing and developing the village for both the young and old”. The Plan was written to fit with West Suffolk’s Vision 2031 plan and remains enforceable for all planning applications and relevant local activity in our parish.

The Plan outlined a number of policies and community actions the village agreed to implement. With your support we have been able to implement a number of these activities and a number remain ongoing. For example, the village hall improvement to either extend or replace the hall. We are pleased to report progress has been made on this project and, as soon as COVID-19 regulations permit, we will be able to present options and seek your input as to how to move forward.

Within West Suffolk’s Plan, Hargrave was designated as countryside, which allowed for no development. However, with your input, the current Neighbourhood Plan permitted small development, of no more than 5 properties. At the time this was considered essential to ensure the village did not stagnate and to meet our vision and protected us from any mass development.

Clearly no such development has taken place and the reason for writing to you all is to advise West Suffolk has embarked upon revisiting its current 2031 Plan to consider the development needs through to 2040. A consequence of this decision is the policies in our Neighbourhood Plan, particularly those relating to planning and development will be superseded.  This will necessitate the village having to revisit our plan and re-present this for approval.

Don’t worry however, we are not going to be overwhelmed by property development as is the case in Barrow and Wickhambrook but we do need to ensure we remain protected and present our case for both small development, development design standards and protection of our environment. The environment will be especially important if significant development is taking place around us.

Finally, two years have elapsed since our original plans and you may consider also our needs have changed or been brought into clearer focus. For example, COVID-19 has affected our daily lives greatly and we now conduct our lives differently e.g. many of us work from home, shop locally etc. You may therefore consider some of the village needs have changed and you have fresh ideas.

To enable you to have your say and before we embark upon this important task on your behalf, we felt it essential to seek your further input.

Please therefore take the time to complete this brief questionnaire. You can stop and come back to it later if you wish, just click the "save for later" button for details of how to return.

Thank you in anticipation of your continuing support, which remains essential for our plans to remain relevant.