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1. The Health Equity Commission Ask of Local Partners
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Lancashire and South Cumbria has agreed to form a Health Equity Commission (HEC) to be chaired by Professor Sir Michael Marmot. This is our best ever opportunity to improve the health inequalities in our communities and make a step change in our regions health, which is amongst the worst in England.

Place-based partnerships, Health & Wellbeing Boards and local Directors of Public Health are asked to paint a picture of the needs of local partners around health inequalities. This will shape the agenda of the HEC and the support it can provide for them.

The HEC encourages local partners and community groups to connect and work with their local Place-based Partnership to provide a co-ordinated response to the ‘ask’ below.

We ask that each Place-based Partnership Chair presents your local area response and any additional suggestions by the beginning of December 2021, and joins the regional Health Equity Summit with Professor Sir Michael Marmot in early 2022. The information provided by you will be used as your local contribution, with analysis feeding into the final report by Institute for Health Equity (IHE).

Introducing HEC event                                                                       20th September
Ask local partners to identify needs/evidence/priorities                     20th Sept – before end Oct
Analysis of partners needs/evidence/priorities by IHE                      Nov – end Dec
Review analysis & recommendation of HEC panel                           Dec – Mar ‘22
Regional Health Equity Summit                                                         Mar ’22 - date tbc

Please do not hesitate to contact the HEC with your responses to this ‘ask’:


1. Identify the key health inequalities in your area. What would you like to emphasise or highlight? *