Firstly, thank you for considering spending giving your time to support with the Healthy Holiday scheme in Community Hubs and Libraries over Summer 2022.

Please complete the quick survey below, letting us know your availability over Summer 2022. If you have any questions, please email

Dates and sites are currently provisional and may be subject to change or adjustment.

The dates we are planning on running are:

Week 1: Tuesday 2nd August - Friday 5th August
Week 2: Tuesday 9th August - Friday 12th August
Week 3: Tuesday 16th August - Friday 19th August
Week 4: Tuesday 23rd August - Friday 26th August
Week 5: Tuesday 30th August - Friday 2nd September (tbc - depending on availability of sites)

We provisionally intend to run the full scheme Tuesday - Friday in each week of the four main weeks of the holidays, and will not run on Monday. However, this may change, subject to site availability. A later question will ask your availability for each day including Mondays, but this is asked on the understanding that it the programme will likely not run on Mondays.

Please note that volunteers must be aged 16 years or over.

1. Would you like to volunteer to support with the Healthy Holiday programme in Community Hubs & Libraries during the Summer of 2022?


2. Have you previously volunteered and supported the Healthy Holiday scheme?


3. What is your name (given name and family name)


4. What is your phone number?


5. What is your email address?


6. What is your home address?


7. Will you have access to a car that you can use during the summer?

We will likely be running a programme at the following sites:

Please note these sites may be subject to change or review.
  • Armley
  • Bramley OR Pudsey
  • Horsforth
  • Holt Park
  • Dewsbury Road
  • Hunslet
  • Rothwell OR Morley
  • Harehills (Compton)
  • Burmantofts
  • Chapeltown (Reginald)
  • Whinmoor
  • City Centre
Where possible, we will try to place you at a preferred site. Please state below where you would prefer to work. If you do not mind, please type 'anywhere'.

8. Which site is your first preference?
(type anywhere if you do not mind)


9. Which site is your second preference?
(type anywhere if you do not mind)


10. Which site is your third preference?
(type anywhere if you do not mind)


11. What is the maximum number of days you would be able to support with the scheme?

Please type a number between 1 and 24.


12. Do you have a Basic DBS or higher completed in the last year?
(please note this question does not apply to volunteers aged 18 or under)


13. If you do have a DBS as stated in the previous question, please upload it here. If you cannot upload it, please email a copy to

Choose File

14. Do you have a current (in-date) Level 2 or higher Food Hygiene Certificate?


15. If you do have a current Level 2 or higher Food Hygiene certificate, please upload it here. If you cannot upload it, please email it to

Choose File

16. If no, please state state which days you will be available to work

Week 1 Monday 01 August 2022
Week 1 Tuesday 02 August 2022
Week 1 Wednesday 03 August 2022
Week 1 Thursday 04 August 2022
Week 1 Friday 05 August 2022
Week 2 Monday 08 August 2022
Week 2 Tuesday 09 August 2022
Week 2 Wednesday 10 August 2022
Week 2 Thursday 11 August 2022
Week 2 Friday 12 August 2022
Week 3 Monday 15 August 2022
Week 3 Tuesday 16 August 2022
Week 3 Wednesday 17 August 2022
Week 3 Thursday 18 August 2022
Week 3 Friday 19 August 2022
Week 4 Monday 22 August 2022
Week 4 Tuesday 23 August 2022
Week 4 Wednesday 24 August 2022
Week 4 Thursday 25 August 2022
Week 4 Friday 26 August 2022
Week 5 Monday 29 August 2022
Week 5 Tuesday 30 August 2022
Week 5 Wednesday 31 August 2022
Week 5 Thursday 01 September 2022
Week 5 Friday 02 September 2022

17. Please tick this box if you are a student of Leeds City College and found out about this position through your tutor.


18. Finally, if you are an employee of Leeds City Council and plan to volunteer during what would be your standard working hours, please confirm that you have spoken to your line manager and have permission to do so.

Privacy Notice

A privacy notice relating to this scheme is available upon request. Please email to request this notice.