Deerpark Community Hub

1. Deerpark Community Hub Questionnaire

In order to provide relevant and interesting activities and courses in Deerpark Community Hub we would like YOU to complete the following survey.  All responses are anonymous unless you indicate otherwise. The information submitted by everyone will serve to create a programme of activities and courses for the year ahead to be enjoyed by all.

1. Please tick the boxes that best describes you.


2. Please indicate which of the following activities you would be interested in if they were offered in Deerpark Community Hub?


3. From the list below, please tick the courses you would be interested in attending if offered in the Hub.


Are there any other courses you would be interested in attending in the Hub? (please list in the text box below)


4. Would you be interested in establishing/setting up a particular activity/course in the Hub?


5. If you would like to join the Deerpark Community Hub Mailing List please leave your name and email address below. By leaving your email* you are agreeing to be emailed.

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