HW100 Dementia Survey


1. Share your views
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The aim of this survey is to put you at the heart of health and social care services in our borough. By getting feedback from as many people as possible we can see what is working well and what needs to be improved.
It only takes a minute to tell us about your experiences. We use your views to raise concerns with the people running NHS and social care services to make care better.
Our survey is anonymous, and we will not publish any information to identify you.

1. Have you or someone you care for had a diagnosis of dementia?


2. Please tell us about your experience getting a diagnosis (For example: What worked well ? What could have been better?)


3. How easy was it to access the help and support you needed?


4. Have you been referred to support services (Alzheimer’s Society / Carers Hub etc?)


5. How did you feel about the treatment, care or support that you were offered?


6. Are you aware of ‘This is Me’ booklet?


7. Are you aware of ‘Dementia Friends’ training?


8. If you have completed the training, how did you access it?


9. What is working well and what improvements could be made to dementia services in Bury?