During the Covid-19 pandemic, Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust have had to make a number of changes to the way it delivers services in order to keep patients, their carers and families, and staff safe.  This has included reducing the number of face to face contacts for some services, and more telephone or digital provision. 

The Trust has been working to understand the impact and experience of patients and carers during this time and we would really value your input as a carer of a patient accessing Trust services. 

If you care for a family member, friend or neighbour who accesses Trust services, and who could not manage without your help, we would like to hear from you.  Your feedback will tell us how our services have been for you, as a carer, during the pandemic.  Your responses will only be used to help the Trust reflect on service delivery and engagement of carers, and the answers you give will remain anonymous.

Thank you for your time

1. Have you, in your role as a carer, experienced changes to the way the Trust delivers its services?


2. If changes were made to the way services are delivered, were they communicated clearly to you/the person you care for?


3. Do you feel you have been involved, as much as you would wish to be, in the care planning of the person you are caring for during the pandemic?


4. Do you feel you have been listened to, and that your knowledge and experience as a carer has been respected?


5. Have treatments and medications, and their management, been explained to you?


6. If the person you care for has accessed services via Webex or phone calls, please tell us about your experience of this.


7. Do you feel you have been supported by staff to access more services and appointments virtually, including using Webex and phone calls?


8. If you, or the person you are caring for, has needed to self-isolate, have you been supported by staff to access services, appointments and/or medications in alternative ways?


9. Do you feel your needs as a carer have been recognised by Trust staff during the COVID-19 pandemic?


10. Have Trust staff signposted you to carer support for yourself during the COVID-19 pandemic?


11. When needed, have you managed to access the services we provide both for yourself and the person you care for?


12. If you were required to support an individual to an appointment in person, did you feel safe?


13. Overall, please tell us how satisfied are you with the support and involvement that Trust services have offered to carers during the pandemic?


14. Do you have any other comments?