Experiences of Dementia Short Survey

Healthwatch Suffolk is working with a local network of leaders and organisations (the Dementia Action Partnership) to explore the experiences of people living with dementia, and their carers.

We want to make sure people’s experiences are included within future plans for dementia support in Suffolk. That is why we will be sharing the findings from this survey with key NHS and Suffolk County Council decision-makers, and the Suffolk Dementia Forum. We will also share experiences nationally with Healthwatch England so that it can use our local data to inform any national work on dementia support and policy.

Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary.  Your responses will be anonymous, and the survey does not ask for your name or contact details. However, if you provide personal information (e.g names, dates of conversations) in your responses, then it may be possible to identify you. Healthwatch Suffolk will remove this information from the data. 

The final report will contain example quotes, and we are unable to guarantee that these could not be identifiable by the nature of your experience. However, we will put best efforts in place, including redacting information, to make the use of these quotes as anonymous as possible.  Your personal questionnaire answers will not be shared with anyone outside of the Healthwatch Suffolk research team. 

Your responses will be stored in a secure folder on the Healthwatch Suffolk shared drive. The responses will be retained until the final report is published. 

By completing the survey you confirm that you have read and understood the above information and agree to take part in the evaluation. 

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