Telephone and digital appointments: share your experiences of access to Wandsworth health and care services during the coronavirus pandemic

About this survey

This survey is for people who live in Wandsworth to share their views on how digital and telephone appointments with GPs and other health and care services are working for them since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, health and care services have had to speed up the pace of digital transformation in health and care. To continue to protect patients from the virus, GP practices and other health and care services are working remotely, offering appointments in ways that are not face-to-face, including via email, apps, telephone and video appointments.

Access to appointments is crucial to ensure people get the health and care support they need. We want to understand from people about how they can have equal access to health and care - especially those who are more vulnerable or may not have access to technology.

Your responses will be kept anonymous and will help local health and care services understand how their services are working, and where things can be made better. Additionally, it will help to inform their ongoing recovery planning for health and care in Wandsworth.